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Seed Sense #12

Hard to believe it is now 5 weeks past our last frost free date and 6 weeks since my last post. It’s
almost time to start the count of weeks before first frost to plan fall and cold crop planting. Golly. I haven’t even started picking tomatoes yet!
That being said, I already harvested all my Pac Choi, Kohlrabi and I am harvesting loads of Snap, Snow and English Peas, Arugula, Kale and Swiss Chard. One of my zucchini plants has 4” zucchinis on it that I can harvest soon and the broccoli is close to harvest time. Yea!

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Seed Sense #11

2/3 weeks BLF date and I’m feeling hopeful. Temperature in the 60’s is being promised for the weekend! Oh yay. I really believe no one appreciates Spring and warmer temperatures more than we do in Door County!

Technically our zone 5 has May 16 as the last frost date despite the National Weather Bureau reporting a 30 -40% chance of frost for that date and less than 20% chance for May 31. Which would you choose?

I was told this week by a Door County man who hails from a long line of farmers that the family vegetable gardens were always planted on Memorial weekend. That’s good sound experience advice I can relate to.

Have you finished all your early cool season crop seeds and are looking for something to do? Now would be a good time to finish pruning the non flowering shrubs, cutting new edges to the flower and shrub beds, amend soil if you haven’t yet and…. Yes, I’m going to say the W word, weed.

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Welcome to the world of gardening and seed saving!

The Door County Seed Library is a free seed project committed to preserving and nurturing heritage seeds and local Door County garden history through education, seed sharing, and seed saving.

Why save seeds?
Humans have been saving seeds for over 12,000 years, but in the last 100 years much of that knowledge has been lost, along with significant plant biodiversity. When you grow and save your own seeds, you can:
• Help promote and preserve biodiversity – think variety!
• Develop seed stock that is well suited to our unique local climate
• Grow healthy food for your family
• Save money!
• Promote pollinator-friendly plants
We encourage, but don’t require, all members to learn basic seed-saving techniques.
When you participate in the Door County Seed Library, you help to create a culture of sharing and abundance.

Become a seed steward!
We encourage all gardeners to learn basic seed saving techniques.
We are looking for local seed stewards to help grow out and save our seeds. We’ll provide you with guidelines to properly grow and save seeds to ensure that the purity of each variety remains intact. Contact us for more info!
Learn more
• Visit us on Facebook
• Take seed saving classes
• Read about seed saving at your library
• Talk to experienced seed-savers
• Keep good garden records

Support our seed library
The Door County Seed Library is supported by volunteers and donations.
Please contact us at

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