Seed Sense #1

originally published March 29

I love to garden! But what I love more is finding new and exciting plants! I am one of those crazy people who cannot pass a garden center without stopping. You would have thought that after 30 odd years of gardening and planting that I would have caught the seed bug. I did not. Interesting since seeds provide variety that no garden center can compete with.

I was certified as a U of I Extension Master Gardener in Chicago, I founded a community garden and grants organization, participated in gorilla gardening of neglected public spaces, spent 2 days a month freelancing as a private garden landscaper, and held a full time job. Seeds? No time.

I began seed-starting in earnest when I completed the UW Extension certification and became a Door County Master Gardener. When I agreed to chair the Door County Master Gardener’s plant sale, l inherited the greenhouse seed-starting part of the sale too.

Demystifying the seed starting and growing process took hours of research that resulted in becoming a passion I never knew I had. Watching a tiny seed grow into a 6ft high tomato plant heavy with fruit never ceases to amaze me just as walking in the greenhouse at the height of our growing period and see the explosion of plant life after one week of sunny days and warmer temperatures. Seeds provide hope, anticipation, and wonder.

While I’m not part of the DCMGA plant sale and greenhouse anymore, I have not lost my seed starting passion and look forward to this new gardening adventure and challenge of planning and growing at home.

Join me, on this Facebook page over the next few weeks on my journey of starting seeds for my vegetable and cutting gardens.

Let’s get growing together!