Seed Sense #2

originally published March 30

Why seeds you ask? Cost, variety and satisfaction.
For me, I like the challenge of growing from seed and maybe more than that I am a dreamer.
Every morning, I sit with coffee, phone or computer and read at least 4 garden blogs and as many cooking blogs.
I download tons of recipes that I imagine I’m going to prepare and I notate new and different plants I think I must have either for ornament or for using in a recipe.
Maybe that is why, when I finally inventoried and charted my seed collection I discovered I have 16 different varieties of bean seeds! I don’t even eat beans that much!
I order seeds from John Scheepers and Park the most. I like Baker Creek for their pictures. Botanical Interest has really good and informative blogs. Johnny’s has good information and a wonderful catalogue but shipping is expensive. I usually wait to order seeds until one of the companies offer free shipping or a discount. Don’t count on it now! They are busier now then they have been in decades! However, with the Door County Seed Library, the variety of offerings is amazing and once you sign up as a member you can check out seeds to plant for free! We hope the libraries will be opening soon, but I suspect the charitable nature of the seed library has a plan in mind to overcome the current obstacle of distribution.
Next post I will discuss optimal growing conditions and how to set up a growing station.
Before I do, do you know Door County’s Frost free date?
have you started counting the weeks before to chart your seeds? What different seeds do you plan to start this year?