Why are seed libraries important?

Seed libraries help a community to retain their right to access a natural resource that should be available
to all. In addition to promoting the saving and exchange of seeds, seed libraries provide the educational
tools necessary to be a successful seed saver.

People have collected and saved seeds for thousands of years; however, over the last century a great
deal of this knowledge and biodiversity has been lost. Gardeners and farmers have become reliant on large seed companies for their crops, which in turn significantly shrinks the diversity of plants and food.
As a result of this change, seed saving has become an almost lost skill.

Without backyard seed savers (like you!) and heirloom seed companies, our entire seed supply will be
corporate-owned and corporate-controlled for the first time in history.

When you know how to save seeds, you not only save money, but also help to preserve your favorite
varieties, increase your self-reliance, and help to promote a more sustainable local food system.