Winter Seed Sowing Demo

Thursday, January 26, 11am – noon
Kress Pavilion, Egg Harbor

Offered as part of the Kress Pavilion Winter Open House Event (9 am to 6 pm)

The Door County Seed Library is hosting a Successful Winter Seed Sowing demonstration by veteran gardener Karen Kidd, a Door County resident and former Door County Master Gardener. Karen has been happily practicing winter sowing techniques for years.

Winter sowing is a fun and exciting technique for growing hardy and beautiful plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. And you can start as early as January! You can get your garden started without the fuss of seed starting kits, heat lamps, and yards of counter space.

Guests can also pick up free seeds and enter to win a Winter Seed Sowing kit!

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“Planning and Planting for Seed Saving” by Bevin Cohen

Wednesday, May 17, 6:30 to 8 pm
Crossroads at Big Creek

Presented in collaboration with the Door County Master Gardeners Association and Crossroads at Big Creek

Proper garden planning in the spring means a successful seed harvest in the fall! Learn how to properly plant your seed garden with author and seed saver Bevin Cohen. Bevin will cover important topics such as spacing and isolation distances to ensure varietal purity, flower structure, pollination and basic seed saving equipment and techniques. Bevin will also share some of his favorite varieties for beginning seed savers, some interesting and different crops to try and information about pollinator partner plants. Copies of Bevin’s books, including his latest, Grow Great Vegetables, will be available for purchase after his talk.

Bevin Cohen is an award-winning author, herbalist, seed saver and owner of Small House Farm in Michigan. He offers workshops and lectures across the country on the benefits of living closer to the land through seeds, herbs, and locally grown food. Bevin is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in numerous publications including Mother Earth News, Modern Farmer Magazine and The Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation. He’s the author or editor of more than ten books, including Saving Our Seeds, The Artisan Herbalist and his latest, Grow Great Vegetables in Wisconsin. Learn more about Bevin’s work at

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Seed Sense #12

Hard to believe it is now 5 weeks past our last frost free date and 6 weeks since my last post. It’s
almost time to start the count of weeks before first frost to plan fall and cold crop planting. Golly. I haven’t even started picking tomatoes yet!
That being said, I already harvested all my Pac Choi, Kohlrabi and I am harvesting loads of Snap, Snow and English Peas, Arugula, Kale and Swiss Chard. One of my zucchini plants has 4” zucchinis on it that I can harvest soon and the broccoli is close to harvest time. Yea!

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Seed Sense #11

2/3 weeks BLF date and I’m feeling hopeful. Temperature in the 60’s is being promised for the weekend! Oh yay. I really believe no one appreciates Spring and warmer temperatures more than we do in Door County!

Technically our zone 5 has May 16 as the last frost date despite the National Weather Bureau reporting a 30 -40% chance of frost for that date and less than 20% chance for May 31. Which would you choose?

I was told this week by a Door County man who hails from a long line of farmers that the family vegetable gardens were always planted on Memorial weekend. That’s good sound experience advice I can relate to.

Have you finished all your early cool season crop seeds and are looking for something to do? Now would be a good time to finish pruning the non flowering shrubs, cutting new edges to the flower and shrub beds, amend soil if you haven’t yet and…. Yes, I’m going to say the W word, weed.

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Seed sense #10

Pushing the season?  Of course!  What else have we to do besides watching our seedlings grow and dreaming of fresh tomatoes and grilled baby zucchini?  Or are you just one of those people who wear white shoes before Memorial day and don’t care?  Tread lightly oh fearless one!  Planting on Mother’s day is no longer the norm for Door County.

Was it ever?

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Seed Sense #9

Its week 4/5 BLF date.

Besides taking advantage of the 2 over 50 degree days we had and direct sowing Arugula, Radish and Carrots, have you checked the viability of your saved seeds yet?

What? You ask.  What is it and why should I?

Well, it is a germination credibility test for the seeds you or your friends saved from favorite plants.  Or just checking to make sure those old seed packets are still good.

Why should we check them?  A seed is a seed right?  Wrong.

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